What Matters Should Be Paid Attention to During the Use of Fiber Optic Cables?

The optical cable is a cable formed by optical fibers through certain processes. It has a sheath and some even have an outer protective layer, which is used to realize the transmission of optical signals. What should we pay attention to when using the optical cable? Let's take a look together.

When using the optical cable, after receiving the optical cable, check the qualification certificate and information of the optical cable in a timely manner, verify the disk number, model, number of cores, length, etc., and check whether the outer packaging is damaged.

When using the optical cable in field construction, when unloading the optical cable from the car, place a flat board between the car platform and the ground to form a slope of less than 45 degrees. Pass a rope through the middle hole of the optical cable, and hold the ends of the rope on the car to make the optical cable slide down the wooden slope quickly.

For the placement of optical cables with a section length of more than 2km, they cannot be placed from end to end at once. The optical cable reel needs to be placed in the middle of the section, and it should be placed in the shape of the figure 8 towards both ends.

When unloading the optical cable from the car, it is best to gently place the optical cable on the ground using a forklift or crane hoist.

When unloading the optical cable, it is strictly forbidden to stack or place it flat. It is strictly forbidden to drop the optical cable vertically from a high place to prevent strong impact and damage to the optical cable.

When placing the optical cable, a traction rope must be connected to the cable reinforcement device and fixed with a net sleeve or tape. If it is a duct cable, a special rotating traction head must be added between the traction rope and the cable reinforcement device. Directly pulling the outer protective layer of the optical cable is not allowed.

When the optical cable needs to be rolled, it should be rolled in the direction indicated by the rotation arrow on the cable reel, but long-distance rolling is not allowed.

Before construction, the optical cable needs to undergo single-disk testing, such as the quality of the outer protective layer and attenuation index.

When constructing the optical cable, the tension should not exceed the allowable temporary force it can bear, and during operation and use, it should not exceed the allowable long-term force.

When constructing and placing the optical cable, it should not be bent or formed into a 90-degree right-angle bend; avoid severe bending of the optical cable causing a "deadlock".

Construction of the optical cable should be carried out under the guidance of qualified technical personnel.

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