Plastic Distriubtion Boxes

WELINK Plastic Distriubtion Boxes

Plastic Fiber Distribution Box is especially used to protect the connection of pigtails and optic cables in the network

Why Choose WELINK Plastic Fiber Distribution Box

  • WELINK has 8 years of experience in the design, production and assembly of optical fiber distribution boxes

  • WELINK has its own mold making factory and injection molding itself to ensure quality

  • WELINK has strict quality control on all the materials of the optical fiber distribution box

With a solid track record of 8 years in designing, producing, and assembling optical fiber distribution boxes, WELINK stands out as a trusted choice, thanks to their in-house mold making and injection molding capabilities that guarantee superior quality, while their stringent quality control measures ensure the reliability of materials used in these boxes, making them an ideal option for custom fiber optic assemblies and various fiber optic networking products, and a preferred supplier for China's fiber optic attenuator manufacturers and fiber optic pigtail supplier.

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