WELINK 1×16 Module Type Fiber Optic Splitter

1×16 module type fiber optic splitter is an integrated device used to distribute optical power, based on a quartz substrate. It's characterized by a small size, wide operating wavelength range, high reliability, and good light-splitting uniformity. PLC Splitters connect the central office and terminal equipment in networks such as EPON or GPON while splitting optical signals. We provide 1xN and 2xN products along with customization for customer-specific occasions.

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Specification Of 1×16 Module Type Fiber Optic Splitter

Splitter Ratio1×16
Loss Uniformity0.6dB
Return Loss(dB)>55dB
Polarization Dependent Loss(dB)0.2dB
Wavelength Dependent Loss(dB)0.3dB
Module Dimension (mm) (L×W×H)100×118.5x25mm

Features of 1×16 Module Type Fiber Optic Splitter

  • low insertion loss

  • Polarization insensitive

  • compact structure

  • Good channel uniformity

  • High Stability and Reliability

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