WELINK Metal GLX Sc Splitter Box Fiber Optic

Optical PLC (Planar Light Circuit) Splitter with 1 input and 8 outputs, GLX type, connectorized with SC/APC, fiber G657A1, cable diameter 2mm, length 1 meter and dimensions 80x20x6mm.

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Specification Of Metal GLX Sc Splitter Box Fiber Optic

Splitter Ratio1×8
Loss Uniformity0.6dB
Return Loss(dB)>55dB
Polarization Dependent Loss(dB)0.2dB
Wavelength Dependent Loss(dB)0.3dB
Module Dimension (mm) (L×W×H)80x20x6mm

Features of Metal GLX Sc Splitter Box Fiber Optic

  • High Reliability

  • Low insertion Loss and low Polarization Dependent loss

  • High channel counts

  • Excellent Environmental Stability and Widely Used

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