Network Rack Cabinets

Network Rack Cabinets

Network Rack Cabinets are cabinets or racks where network equipment (switches, routers, optical cables, adapters, optical splitters, etc.) are installed, and the depth is shallower than server racks and cabinets, mianly it is made by metal and powder coating.

Functions of Network Rack Cabinets

1. Network equipment will dissipate a lot of heat when it is working. The cooling fan of the network cabinet can send the heat dissipated by the equipment out of the cabinet to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment and ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

2. Placing the network equipment in a cabinet can reduce the footprint of the equipment.

3. Some specially designed network cabinets can also enhance electromagnetic shielding, reduce working noise, and filter air.

4. The network cabinet can accommodate a large number of network equipment, which can simplify the layout of the computer room and improve the overall appearance of the computer room.

server rack
server cabinet

Benefits of Network Rack Cabinets

  • 01

    A network cabinet is a frame that contains a breathable, spacious, tall structure that can accommodate a variety of different devices at the same time, thereby optimizing the structure of the server system

  • 02

    The network cabinet has a cable management system for better wiring management while maintaining a safe, clean and organized way.

  • 03

    Network cabinets with cooling fans, as well as other cooling devices, can provide efficient cooling for equipment, keeping network equipment cold to optimize overall performance

  • 04

    The network cabinet is made of hard metal and has locks to limit unauthorized access to the internal hardware equipment system.

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