MTP/MPO Solutions

MTP/MPO Solutions

With rapidly growing bandwidth demands, data centers must achieve ultra-high density cabling to accommodate all connections. MPO/MTP technology multi-core connectors provide ideal conditions for high-performance data networks in data centers. Welink will introduce MPO/MTP related solutions, such as MPO/MTP trunk jumper, MPO/MTP branch jumper and MPO/MTP distribution box.

Superiority of MPO/MTP Assemblies

Data centers have used MTP/MPO cabling system cabinets for more than 20 years, and during this process, the deployment of MTP/MPO fiber optic cabling systems has continued to rise. More importantly, with the expansion of optical modules used in storage manufacturers, servers, switches, and other equipment from 10G to 40G, 100G, and even 400G, data centers have an increasing demand for MTP/MPO solutions.

The network has been continuously upgraded from the previous 2G to the current 5G, and the demand for fiber density and fiber transmission rate is also increasing dramatically. In this case, the related components and cabling systems of MPO/MTP are not only the development trend of our network deployment in the past, present and even a long time in the future.

mtp solution
mpo solution

Benefits of MPO/MTP Solution

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    MTP-MPO solution can be cheap, time-saving and labor-saving to upgrade the network to 10G, and MTP cabling can be used for direct connection of 40G-40G, 100G-100G, 200G-200G, 400G-400G, as well as upgrade and uplink connections.

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    MTP-MPO solution provides structured cabling, provides a layered structure for the network, and a variety of connection solutions, which can reduce the problem of cluttered optical cables. Future data center expansion needs and long-term solutions can be built by installing a structured MTP cabling system.

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    Using the MTP-MPO solution not only brings technical advantages, but also eliminates the total cost increase due to some not always foreseeable factors

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