Fiber Cables

Fiber Cables

Fiber optic cable is a communication cable consisting of two or more fiber optic cores made of glass or plastic in a protective coating covered with an outer PVC plastic sleeve. Signal transmission along internal optical fibers typically uses infrared.

How Strong Is Fiber Optic Cable?

The optical cable is reinforced by the inner strengthening core. After the strengthening core, the radial tensile force of the optical cable can be improved, and the bending resistance of the optical cable can be improved. The main materials of the reinforcing core of the optical cable are: low-carbon galvanized steel wire, aramid fiber, and FRP reinforcing core, all of which have the same function to improve the tensile strength of the optical cable.

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What is A Fiber Optic Cable Used For?

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    Optical cables are used to transmit high-performance data over long distances to form networks

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    Fiber optic cable is to transmiision optical signal and can meet specifications for optical, mechanical and environmental performance

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    Fiber cables are used for data storage as well as transmission.

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