Outdoor Fiber Cabinets

Outdoor Fiber Cabinets

Outdoor fiber cabinet is to provide fiber optic cable termination and patch cord connection. After the optical cable is introduced into the outdoor fiber cabinet, after fixing, termination, and fiber distribution, the main cable and the distribution cable are connected by using fiber patch cords

Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Fiber Cabinet

Compare indoor cabinets, outdoor cabinets not only can be install indoor, it can be installed in outside environment, it provide better protection for the cable and components inside the cabinet.

indoor fiber cabinets
outdoor fiber cabinets

Function of Outdoor Fiber Cabinet

  • 01

    Can protect the optical cable from drastic climate change and harsh working environment

  • 02

    It is waterproof and gas-condensing, waterproof and dustproof, pest-proof and rodent-proof, and has strong resistance to impact damage

  • 03

    Provide jumper function for optical cable

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