Rack Mount Patch Panels

WELINK Rack Mount Patch Panels

Rack Mount Patch Panels is a 19-inch standard panel that is installed in a cabinet for fiber optic cable management . Typical rack-Rack Mount Patch Panels have 12 or 24 port, 36 port, 48 port and 96 port.

Why Use a Rack Mount Patch Panel?

  • Each part of the optical fiber distribution box can operate independently, so it will not cause line interruption, and the tray with sliding and locking function greatly simplifies the connection steps.

  • Adopt IU compact structure design, and can accommodate up to 144 fibers in the rack, which can greatly improve space utilization and increase wiring density, so it is most suitable for space-constrained environments.

  • Rack installation of fiber optic chassis enables you to deploy any type of network more freely.

  • Enhanced cable management, the rear of the rack-mounted optical fiber distribution box is equipped with a cable management bracket, which can easily manage the cables and ensure the air circulation in the space.

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