Fiber Splice Closures

Fiber Splice Closures

The optical cable splice box solves the need for the limited length of the optical cable and the need for branching of the optical cable on the transmission line, provides conditions for the connection and branching of the optical cable and protects the joint. Contact China fiber optic splice closure wholesaler Welink for more details.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure Installation Instruction

For seamless installation and reliable performance of custom fiber optic assemblies, follow these step-by-step instructions provided by Welink Telecom to ensure proper cable length, accurate stripping, cutting, and splicing using their high-quality fiber splice closures.

1. Make sure the optical fiber cable length in enclosure and break out length are enough.

A— cable fixing length B-- Cable with jacket length inside closure

C— Cable mini. length inside closure D— Break out cable length

2. Strip out cable outside jacket by pipe cutter and longitudinal stripper. The length is as per above instruction or as per using condition.

3. Cut off the cable port by hacksaw (recommended hacksaw cut position: approximately 10.0mm to 20.0mm hacksaw cut from tip of cable port), then open the cable port. 

4. Put the stripped optical cable get through the heat shrinkable tube, closure cable port as per.

5. Fix the cable strengthen core by cable fixing column.

6. Put the stripped optical fiber into fiber splice tray, do splicing and storage.

splice closure for optical fiber cable
closure fiber optik

Factors to Consider When Choosing Fiber Optic Closure

  • 01

    According to the environment used, choose the optical cable joint box such as overhead, direct burial, pipeline or underwater.

  • 02

    According to the structure of the optical cable used, treat the corresponding optical cable joint box.

  • 03

    Whether the installation function with optical splitter is required according to the network structure.

  • 04

    According to the type of optical fiber, choose single core or ribbon splice tray.

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