Frequently Asked Questions of MTP Connector

The following provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about components and maintenance of MTP connector.

1. What is MT ferrule of MTP connector?

MT is an acronym for Mechanically Transferable. The MT core is a multi-core plastic core with a square face of 6.4x2.5mm and an optical fiber spacing of 0.25mm. It is widely used in MPO/MTP connectors.

Unlike the cores used in other fiber optic connectors, the MT cores used in the MPO/MTP connectors are made of a monolithic, high-precision glass-filled polymer, rather than a traditional ceramic material. Multiple optical fibers with high density and high precision can be connected, and each optical fiber has low loss performance.

2. What is the polarity of MTP connector and how to maintain it?

Polarity is a key problem in high density MTP wiring systems and is used to describe how the transmitter at one end of the fiber jumper correctly matches the receiver at the other end.
The transmission process will only work if the polarity of connectors is correctly connected. In an MTP system, pins (male/female), orientation (KeyUp/KeyUp or KeyUp/KeyDown), and end alignment (straight line or tilt) all have an effect on MTP polarity. The system polarity configuration methods accepted by TIA-568 are Type A, Type B and Type C, which can be used for different MTP backbone fiber jumpers.

3. How to clean the MTP connector?

You must clean the optical fiber during the manufacturing of the optical fiber connector or during the use of the optical fiber connector. The same goes for MTP connectors.

The cleaning process of MTP connector always goes through three stages: check, clean, and double check.

Check properly with a fiber optic microscope and ensure that both pairing connectors are free of dust, as once one is contaminated, dust will migrate to the other. Use an MTP cleaning tool designed for MTP connectors to clean the end faces of MTP connectors until contaminants are removed.

MTP connectors and MTP wiring systems provide simple and reliable optical fiber wiring solutions. With the deployment of 5G ultra-density network construction and the development of cloud and Internet of Things technologies, the demand for efficient data transmission in today's communication era is growing.

The MTP connector and its supporting components will thrive in many networking applications as an effective and future-oriented solution.

We have established a scientific management system in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprises, and passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification. We will effectively control the products according to YD/T, ITU, GR test standards. You are welcome to inquire.

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