Data Center

Data Center

Data centers are the current focus of IT construction for operators and various industries. Through the construction of data centers, the integration and centralized management of it information systems can be realized, the internal operation and management efficiency and the external service level can be improved, and the TCO of it construction can be reduced at the same time.

Importance of Fiber Optic Data Center

In modern life, some users cannot tolerate any delay or disappearance of the information they need. The closer a business is to the data center, the faster it can receive the information it needs. This means that data centers close to the enterprise will have the lowest levels of latency.

Importance of Fiber Optic Data Center

Why Choose WELINK Fiber Optic Data Center?

  • 01

    Adopt structured solution copy to facilitate construction

  • 02

    All products are green and comply with international energy standards

  • 03

    Adopt high-density LC, MPO adapter

  • 04

    Reliability is very good, in line with international standards

Data Center Fiber-Optic Cabling Installation

Fiber-optic cabling is a type of telecommunications cabling for data centers, that uses light pulses traveling down hair-thin strands of flexible glass. It is the preferred medium for high-speed transmissions between different locations in a data center.

Data Center Fiber-Optic Cabling Installation
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