MTP/MPO Connectors


MTP/MPO Connectors are a type of optical fiber connector. MPO (Multi Push On) is a type of multi-core optical fiber connector, which is adopted by the IEEE standard as a type of connector for 40G/100G transmission.

MPO or MTP Connectors – What is the Difference?

  • Differences in plug and pull reliability tests. After inserting and removing the MTP connector for 600 times, the end face near the pilot hole is basically intact. After 500 times of plugging and removing the MPO connector, the end face near the pilot hole is obviously damaged.

  • Compared with the MPO connector, the spring design of the MTP connector can maximize the space of the ribbon fiber, thus reducing the damage to the fiber caused by the spring movement during insertion.

  • Guide pin retaining clips designed for MTP connectors prevent guide pin loss. In addition, the MTP connector allows the MT clamps to float within the external frame, improving mechanical properties. In this way, when two MTS are inserted together, a certain external force will not change the physical contact between the two end faces, and the optical performance will not deteriorate as much as possible.

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