Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber Distribution Box

China fiber distribution box factory Welink's fdb fiber distribution box is often used in smart home, home LAN, integrated wiring system and other engineering projects, supports FTTH fiber-to-the-home (three-in-one) access, including indoor, outdoor, plastic or iron different types.

Advantages of Outdoor Fiber Distribution Boxes

 Outdoor Fiber Distribution Boxes from fiber optic distribution box manufacturers and fiber optic distribution box suppliers can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors, providing waterproof, dustproof and other functions for the distribution box. In addition, its impact can reach IK10, which more effectively protects optical cables and adapters and other devices. 

fiber distribution box
distribution box fiber

What Are Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes For?

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    The fdb fiber optic distribution box is convenient for various optical fiber connectors to be easily transferred, and the installation is flexible.

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    The modular fiber distribution box is more convenient for termination and more flexible to use;

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    Support the management of various optical fiber connectors, such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ, etc.;

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    Provide protection for optical splitters, adapters, connectors, optical cables and other devices.

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