MTP/MPO Cabels


MPO/MTP cables are designed to avoid crowding and unmanageable data centers, consist of connectors and ready-to-connect fibers, and are more flexible and smaller than traditional backbone cables

MTP® vs MPO Cable: What Are the Differences?

  • Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) is one of the MT series connectors. MPO has two different definitions: the international standard is "IEC-61754-7", and the United States standard is "TIA-604-5 (FOCIS5)".

  • MTP is the MPO fiber connector brand registered by conec in the United States, which refers to the MPO fiber connector produced by CONEC.

  • The MTP optical fiber connector conforms to the international standard "IEC-61754-7" and the United States "TIA-604-5 (FOCIS5)".

  • MTP is the first mover in multi-core fiber optic connectors and has the first market share. Especially in the United States, MTP is mainly used.

  • The MTP fiber optic connector is clearly different in design from the MPO on the market. It can even be said that the MTP fiber connector is a high-performance MPO fiber connector.

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