Application of Fiber Optics in Medical Field

It is difficult to predict when and where doctors and nurses need to access medical data or patient information, and the constant movement is the most characteristic feature of their work. Optical fiber in medical field and the powerful and reliable technology of optical communication can help hospitals to control costs and increase the flexibility of indoor equipment.

How Fiber Optics Are Utilized For Medical Purposes?

1. For tracking treatment, a miniature measuring instrument is built into the mobile phone, which can measure the blood sugar of the mobile phone holder by itself, and then send the measurement data to the relevant website where the mobile phone owner's file is stored. After the doctor confirms the mobile phone owner's health status, Specific treatment recommendations and other information will be sent to the owner in the form of text messages.

2. Mobile observation, the rescue center is connected with the GPRS system through the mobile medical emergency communication system, and the ADSL after security processing is connected with the ambulance, so that the emergency medical assistance service center can receive the ambulance continuously. Data recorded by new equipment installed.

3. Telemedicine, realizes medical activities such as remote diagnosis, consultation and nursing, and telemedicine information services, with clear and smooth video and audio.

4. For patient data management, clinicians can use a handheld tablet computer to check relevant information in a timely manner anywhere within the coverage of the wireless local area network, avoiding the trouble of doctors going to and from the office to search for information.

Benefits of Fiber Optics in Medical Devices

  • Benefits of Fiber Optics in Medical Devices
  • The application of fiber optic technology allows doctors to easily communicate with the outside world during surgery, shortening hospital stays, reducing morbidity associated with invasive procedures, and reducing the cost of recovery from surgery.

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