SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet

WELINK SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet

The SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet is a great way to manage your fiber optic cables in a FTTH network. It is easy to use and makes cable management a breeze.

Advantages of SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet

  • The SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet is a weatherproof fiber optic cabinet that can withstand harsh climates and is resistant to outdoor environments. It has good sealing performance and the protection level reaches IP65 level requirements.

  • The SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet is easy to operate and maintain. The front door makes the wiring and adjustment much more convenient. The welding and fiber storage positions are rational and concise. The cabinet is equipped with a stable and reliable grounding system. 

  • The SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet is made of high-quality.

  • Use a 40° angle adapter to avoid direct arc light to the human eye when using a FC, SC, or ST type connector.

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