Optical Fiber Used in Communication

Optical communication gathers signals from computers and mobile phones at the base stations and network providers of local communication operators, and then transmits them around the world through optical fibers in submarine cables. Internet, mobile phones, IP phones, and other devices that use the Internet, connect everyone to their region, to entire countries, and even to the global communications network.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Communications

Fiber optic communications have several key benefits that make them a superior choice compared to traditional communication methods.First, fiber optic cables are highly durable and resistant to damage. They can withstand harsh environments and weather conditions such as heat, wind, moisture, and more, making them an ideal choice for use in areas that are prone to extreme weather or dangerous conditions. Second, fiber optic communications are more reliable than other types of communication systems, as they do not experience signal degradation and signal loss that is common with copper wire networks.

How A Fiber Optic Communication Works?

  • How A Fiber Optic Communication Works?
  • Fiber Optical communication is a technology that uses light to transmit information to each other. Computers and mobile phones around us send information through electrical signals "0 and 1". Optical communication consists of a "transmitter" that converts electrical signals into optical signals, a "receiver" that converts optical signals into electrical signals, and a circuit "optical fiber" that transmits light.

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