Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Connector refers to the permanent connection of optical fiber and ferrule to realize quick connection or disconnection of optical fiber or optical fiber cable. Compared with optical fiber fusion splicing, optical fiber connector can be quickly switched to different users.

Types of Fiber Optic Connector

How Does A Fiber Optic Connector Work?

Optical fiber connectors are detachable (active) connections between optical fibers and optical fibers. It is precisely connected to the two end faces of the optical fiber, so that the light energy output of the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled with the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent. The basic requirement of optical fiber connectors is to minimize the impact on the system when they are inserted into optical links. Optical fiber connectors affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems to some extent.

different fiber connectors
fiber cable connector

Why Is It Important To Clean Fiber Optic Connectors?

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    The optical fiber connector can directly affect the stability and safety of the signal

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    The optical fiber connector determines the transmission power of the optical fiber

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    The fiber optic connector determines the return loss of the entire network

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