What Are the Main Features of the MTP Connector?

The MTP fiber connector is a high performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. The MTP fiber connector is enhanced in both optical and mechanical properties compared to the average MPO connector. The MTP connector fully meets the professional standards of all MPO connectors, so what are its key features? Let's take a look.

1. The outer frame sleeve of the MTP fiber connector can be easily removed. The MT core design ensures no loss of performance during rework and regrinding in production. Positive and negative can be flexibly changed after assembly or even in the field, and the core can be detected by interference after assembly.

2. The floating core of the MTP fiber connector can improve the transmission performance during mechanical docking. The two connectors are allowed to maintain good physical contact with each other under the influence of external forces.

3. The oval guide PIN of MTP fiber connector is made of stainless steel, which can improve the accuracy of the butt, and reduce the wear on the pilot hole, making MTP fiber connector more durable to maintain high performance transmission.

4. The MTP fiber connector has a metal pin clip to fix the push ring. Specific features: prevent guide needle loss; concentrate the pressure produced by the spring; prevent the spring from touching and rubbing the optical fiber during mechanical expansion, resulting in optical fiber damage.

5. The spring design of the MTP fiber connector maximizes strip clearance for 12-core and multi-core ribbon applications to prevent fiber damage.

6. MTP fiber connector has at least four standard matching pieces, can be adapted to different types of cable, more practical, including: circular cable with loose sleeve structure; ribbon optical cable with oval outer coat; strip bare fiber; ultra short tail sleeve connector pieces, ideal for use in tight spaces, reducing the volume by 45%.

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