WELINK Mpo Fiber Optic Adapter Simplex

The MPO Fiber Optic Adapter's purpose is to connect an MPO Patchcord to another MPO patchcord. They are available in both single mode and multimode and usually have a plastic housing. These adapters are used mainly for high-density applications like backplanes or Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in data telecommunications systems because of how much space they can save compared to other connectors.

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Specification of Mpo Fiber Optic Adapter Simplex

As a reliable China MTP adapter supplier, we provide MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Simplex with precise specifications, guaranteeing efficient and secure connectivity for your fiber optic network.

Durability>1000 matings
ModeSingle Mode
Exchangeability< 0.2dB

Features of Mpo Fiber Optic Adapter Simplex

  • Complies with: ANSI, Bellcore, TIA/EIA, and IEC standards

  • Features low insertions loss and high return loss

  • Offers excellent repeatability and changeability

  • Simplex or duplex available options

  • With ceramic or metal ferrules for optimal optical performance 100% factory tested

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