Analysis of Basic Knowledge About the MPO Fiber Connector

The MPO fiber connector can be used as a modular connection system that pre-terminates the fiber connection components or module boxes at the factory to provide a plug and play system solution at the installation site. The application of MPO fiber connector in practical engineering plays an important role and significance. It is an indispensable technology in the development process of cloud computing network.

1. Features of MPO fiber connectors

MPO fiber connectors can be divided into MPO/PC plane connectors and MPO/APC bevel connectors according to the different grinding modes of the core. The optical performance indexes of MPO fiber connectors with different core grinding modes are also different. For example, the RL return loss of an MPO/PC plane connector is greater than 30dB, and the RL return loss of an MPO/APC bevel plane connector is greater than 40dB.

However, the IL insertion loss of the two plugs of the MPO fiber connector connected through the adapter should not be greater than 1dB in both single-mode and multi-mode cases.
PS: MPO fiber connectors are often repeatedly inserted in the initial stage of application, resulting in cracking and damage to the end face near the guide foot, which will have a certain impact on the insertion loss.

At present, by chamfering the near end of the guide foot, people can effectively improve this situation.

2. Structure of the MPO fiber connector

The multifiber push-on (MPO) connector is a multi-core and multi-channel pluggable connector. It is one of the structures of the MPO fiber connector in the IEC 61754-7 standard.

The MPO fiber connector consists of a pair of MT sleeves, two guide pins, two enclosures, and an adapter. The male end connector has two guide pins and several optical fiber holes. The number of optical fiber holes can be up to 72, but the most common is 12 holes.

When docking the connector, a spring at the rear of the core provides a thrust to the core, locking it with the adapter. The guide pin of the core restricts the relative position of the connectors to ensure the correct order of optical fiber docking.

In order to obtain high return losses without using the materials matching the refractive index, the end face and sleeve of the fiber are polished at an angle of 8°. The end face of the fiber must be polished precisely so that it is in contact with the opposite end face of the fiber.

3. The application of MPO fiber connector

Compared with other fiber connectors, the MPO fiber connector has the characteristics of small size, high precision and high density. Its appearance greatly improves the popularity of optical network and reduces the production cost. Now it is widely used in optical fiber communication network, transmission system and CATV network.

At present, the application of MPO fiber connector has become more and more mature, and there are more and more applications in active optical cable components, such as AOC+, QSFP and so on.

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