About MTP/MPO Connectors

With the strong development of the Internet and large data, information infrastructure construction in full swing, with made in China, 2025, two fusion, cloud computing, such as the implementation of the national strategic policy, in the next few years data center market is expected to maintain rapid growth, micropower data center market development, launch data center high-density optical fiber wiring solutions.

Features of MTP/MPO Fiber Connector

The MPO/MTP connector provides fast docking of up to 12, 24, or more fibers by using a spring-loaded sliding mechanical latch that snaps into the adapter for locking. Guide pins on both sides of MT cores are combined with guide pinholes of connectors on the other end to achieve precise alignment of optical fibers. Connectors can be quickly removed for core cleaning, interferometry, or connector regrinding. The MTP® fiber connector assembly fully complies with IEC 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 standard specification requirements.

1, the floating core of patent design to ensure that the contact surface of the fiber docking is complete and sufficient connector is suitable for ribbon fiber or bundle fiber.

2, including low loss and standard loss of single mode, multi-mode design with patented precision guide needle to ensure accurate docking.

3, can support the use of durable mini circular optical cable, oval ribbon optical cable, and bare optical fiber belt compatible with 4~24 core capacity of MT core connector shell of different colors to distinguish the type of optical fiber, grinding method, and special connector.

4, the connector frame is movable, the latch locking structure can be quickly disassembled, easy to plug the core clean and polish again without epoxy shell material design can be applied to the household wall information panel.

Advantages of MTP/MPO Connectors

The unique design of the multi-core fiber wrapped in a loose circular outer sheath provides improved link performance over traditional flat ribbon cables. Circular cables can be better deployed to different coaxial MTP® /MPO connector ports by eliminating the bending that avoids the ribbon fibers. MTP® /MPO connector pieces are designed to be end-fixed to loose circular cables. (3.0mm ~ 5.5mm standard cable outer diameter).

MTP® /MPO connectors provide durable and fast connections to 12, 24 or more fiber fibers by clamping into the adapter using a spring-loaded sliding mechanical latch. The guide pin of the MTP® /MPO connector is combined with the guide pin hole of the other connector for precise alignment of the optical fiber. The MTP® /MPO adapter complies with IEC61754-7 and TIA 6045-5.

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