Working Principles and Applications of Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail refers to a jumper-like connector used to connect fiber optic cables and couplers. It consists of a jumper connector and a length of fiber optic cable. Welink Technology is one of the reputable fiber optic products manufacturers, providing high-quality and reliable solutions for various industries.

What is a fiber optic pigtail?

Fiber optic pigtails are divided into single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables. The color of a multi-mode patchcord is orange, and its wavelength is 850nm, it can transmit up to 500m. The color of a single-mode patchcord is yellow and the wavelength is 1310m or 1550m; it can transmit up to 10km or 40km, respectively.

The fiber optic pigtail, also known as a optical pigtail, has a connector on one end and the other end is the broken end of a fiber optic cable core. It is connected to other fiber optic cable cores through fusion splicing, serving as a connector in fiber optic communication.

Patchcords are generally divided into multi-mode and single-mode patchcords. A multi-mode patchcord is usually orange and is used for short-distance interconnection. A single-mode patchcord is yellow and can be used for long-distance interconnection.

The so-called fiber optic connector is a device that allows for detachable connection between two fiber optic cables. It can join the two end faces of the fiber optic cables and make them a whole so that the maximum optical energy output from the fiber can be received into the other fiber, and the impact on the system caused by the insertion of the optical link can be reduced to meet the basic requirements for fiber optic connectors.

Working Principle of fiber optic pigtail

The patchcord has a connector on one end and the other end is the broken end of a fiber optic cable core, which is connected to other fiber optic cable cores through fusion splicing. It is often found in fiber optic terminal boxes and is used to connect fiber optic cables and fiber optic transceivers (couplers and jumpers are also used in between).

One end of the patchcord has a fiber optic connector, and the other end is the broken end of a fiber optic cable core. The end with the fiber optic connector is used to connect devices, and the broken end of the fiber optic cable core is fused with the broken end of another fiber optic cable core to achieve minimum insertion loss. The structure of the patchcord is very similar to that of the jumper.

In short, if a jumper is cut in the middle, two patchcords are obtained. The patchcord has various connectors and a diameter of 0.9mm, and is usually installed in an ODF device.

Applications of fiber optic pigtail

Fiber optic pigtails are used for interconnection and cross interconnection in network connections for access devices, and are widely used in fiber optic communication systems, fiber optic access networks, fiber optic data transmission, fiber optic CATV, LAN, testing equipment, fiber optic sensors, serial port servers, FTTH/FTTX, telecom networks, and pre-terminal installation. When it comes to reliable fiber optic pigtails, Welink is a trusted China MPO adapter supplier. They offer a wide range of high-quality fiber optic pigtails that are suitable for various applications, including fiber optic communication systems, FTTH/FTTX networks, and telecom installations. Trust Welink for all your fiber optic interconnection needs.

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