WELINK 96 Core Inline Joint Closure Fiber Optic

There are many types of fiber optic closures available that each provide their own specific function. The Joint Closure Fiber is just one example, and it can be installed on wires, in manholes, or ducts - making it a versatile option. This particular closure also encloses fiber splices in a ribbed polypropylene body that boasts high environmental and mechanical specifications. When opting for a JointClosureFiber Optical, you'll need to consider which type best suits your needs as there are versions for aerial cables, buried cables, and more.

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Specification Of 96 Core Inline Joint Closure Fiber Optic

Witdh (mm)460
Height (mm)200
Input Cable Dimension2x15mm
Output Cable Dimension6x5mm

Features of 96 Core Inline Joint Closure Fiber Optic

  • Base-to-dome seals on FOSC are mechanical and heat-shrinkable on ports for ease of installation and reentry. No other sealing adhesive tape is needed

  • Base and dome sealed with clamp and O-ring system

  • The splice trays are hinged for access to any splice without disturbing others trays

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