About Fiber Distribution Box

Optical fiber distribution box, suitable for optical cable and optical communication equipment wiring connection, through the adapter in the distribution box, light jumper leads out the optical signal, optical wiring function. It is suitable for the protective connection of optical cable and distribution pigtail, and also suitable for the end of optical fiber in the optical fiber access network. It is suitable for the protective connection of optical cable and distribution pigtail, and also suitable for the end of optical fiber in the optical fiber access network. A deeper understanding of the optical fiber distribution box, perhaps from these three points.

Classification of Optical Fiber Distribution Boxes

 As one of the key equipment of optical fiber access network technology, optical fiber wiring equipment can be divided into indoor wiring equipment and outdoor wiring equipment. Among them, indoor distribution includes rack type (mixed distribution frame, optical fiber distribution frame), cabinet type (mixed distribution cabinet, optical fiber distribution cabinet) and wall type (optical fiber distribution box, comprehensive distribution box), outdoor distribution equipment includes optical fiber distribution box, optical cable connection box and optical cable handover box. These wiring devices are mainly composed of wiring unit, fusion unit, optical cable fixed stripping protection unit, storage unit and connection device. The integrated wiring products include corresponding digital wiring module and audio wiring module.

Fiber Optic Fixed Connector Technology

The requirements for fixed connection are low loss, small backward reflected light, easy operation and stable performance. The methods of making fixed joint include fusion method, V-groove method, capillary method and casing method, and fusion method is the most common one in practical application. The future development direction mainly includes the following three aspects:

1. The V-shaped groove and capillary structure are used to realize the fixed connection between ribbon fiber and optical wave array, optical and passive device array, etc.

2. Multi-core. In order to match the application of ribbon optical cable, it is necessary to develop a multi-core fixed joints.

3. improve the accuracy, develop better matching liquid, and expand the application range of V-shaped groove, capillary, and casing type joints.

Application scope of the optical fiber distribution box. The introduction of optical cable, fixed and peeling protection, fiber fusion and protection, pigtail storage, fiber storage and management, fiber fixed connection and cross-connection, and other functions; At the same time, we can install optical splitter, wavelength division multiplexer, and other value-added module units according to customer requirements.

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