Welink at the 2019 ECOC European Optical Communication Exhibition

ECOC, the largest optical fiber communication technology exhibition in Europe in 2019, was held in Dublin, Ireland. ECOC is the main entrance to the European market, and also provides a unique opportunity to develop potential markets in southern Europe and Mediterranean countries. More than 300 exhibitors from all over the world participated in this exhibition. As a stage to comprehensively display the latest products and development trends of the optical fiber communication industry, exhibitors can meet buyers from Europe and the world at this exhibition. This exhibition combines the photoelectric communication seminar to expand the scale of the exhibition and the influence of the industry. In the past 10 years, the seminar has published more than 4,000 research reports on the photoelectric communication industry.

Welink led a delegation to participate in the exhibition, and displayed ODN products such as splice boxes, fiber distribution boxes, and terminal boxes suitable for the European market. Business partners to discuss product customization needs, project cooperation opportunities, etc.

The various products independently developed by Welink are based on years of R&D investment, technology accumulation and production standardization, which ensure the quality, innovation, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the company's products. At the same time, the advanced and powerful sales network and perfect technical services are committed to providing high-quality services for overseas markets.

welink at the 2019 ecoc european optical communication

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