WELINK Outdoor Self-Supported 12 Core Aerial Fiber Optical Cable

Outdoor self-supported 12 core aerial fiber optical cables are optical cables that are hung on poles. The overhead optical cable laying method can use the original overhead open line pole road, save the construction cost and shorten the construction period.

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Specification Of Outdoor Self-Supported 12 Core Aerial Fiber Optical Cable

FiberSM G652D
Fiber Count12
Cable Diameter7.4x12.5mm
Messenger Wire1.0mm
Jacket MaterialPBT
Cable Length:3Km/Drum

Features Of Outdoor Self-supported 12 Core Aerial Fiber Optical Cable

  • Loose tube gel-filled construction for superior fiber protection.

  • UV and moisture-resistant design.

  • Self-supporting Figure 8 design.

  • Backbones and Access.

  • Installed aerially.

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