Outdoor Integrated Battery Fiber Optic Base Station Cabinet

Outdoor Integrated Battery Fiber Optic Base Station Cabinet is composed of independent equipment cabinet and battery cabinet. The equipment cabin is equipped with 19 / 21 inch standard rack, which can install 19 / 21 inch standard communication main equipment, switch, switching power supply system, ODF unit frame and other equipment. The battery compartment is equipped with a high-strength battery rack, which can place one layer of battery.

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Specification Of Outdoor Integrated Battery Fiber Optic Base Station Cabinet

Protection LevelIP55
Heat Exchange190W/K  48V
Tec Air Conditioning200W  48V

Features of Outdoor Integrated Battery Fiber Optic Base Station Cabinet

  • The width of equipment cabinet meets the Installation requirements of 19 / 21 inch standard frame.

  • One set of 48V / 200ah battery can be installed in the battery cabinet.

  • The cabinet is assembled by high-strength sheet metal frame and 45mm sandwich plate.

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