WELINK 48 Cores Metal Fiber Optic Distribution Box

48 Cores Metal Fiber Optic Distribution Box can be used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTX communication network system. The fiber splicing, splitting, distribution can be done in this box, and meanwhile it provides solid protection and management for the FTTx network building.

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Specification Of 48 Cores Metal Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Protection LevelIP55
Max. Capacity48 Cores

Features of 48 Cores Metal Fiber Optic Distribution Box

  • The opening angle of the box door is 120 degrees, and the switch of the door lock is flexible and reliable.

  • When the optical cable is introduced, its bending radius is greater than 30 times the diameter of the optical cable.

  • When the optical fiber is laid in the box, no matter where it turns, the bending radius is greater than 30mm.

  • The minimum bending radius of the incoming optical cable after being fixed is greater than 10mm, and the reserved length in the box is greater than 0.5m.

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