WELINK 3U Fiber Optical Rotary Patch Panel

The Rotary Swing out 3U patch panels have been crafted with FTTH networks in mind, with a particular focus on street cabinets that require complete front access. These panels come in a 3U size and can hold up to 144 SC/APC adapters, as well as bend insensitive pigtails G657A2, splicing trays, and rooting, making them an all-in-one solution.

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Specification of 3U Fiber Optical Rotary Patch Panel

Adapter48sc or 96lc adapters
Suit for19inch rack

Features of 3U Fiber Optical Rotary Patch Panel

  • Accommodates up to 144 SC Simplex footprint adapters

  • Engineered to fit both 19'' and ETSI 21'' frames

  • Available in both right and left opening options

  • Supplied fully loaded and ready for splicing

  • Suitable for use in datacenter storage areas, central offices, POPs, and FTTH street cabinets

  • Applicable for LAN/WAN applications

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