WELINK 2 Ports Fiber Optic Outlet

The 2 Ports Fiber Optic Outlet is the end destination for optical fiber users, designed specifically to be used in FTTH construction. It can be installed in corridors and multimedia cabinets for optical fiber users. The methods of cold connection or hot-melt connection can be used to connect the optical ends, and transmit the light by the adapter or end of fiber to the ONU of terminal user. The Products have excellent quality  They are widely applied in FTTX, LANs, Cable TV networks, and other telecom systems.

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Specification Of 2 Ports Fiber Optic Outlet

Width (mm)80
Height (mm)80
Depth (mm)25
Adaptor2 SC or 4 LC
Input Cable Dimension4mm
Output Cable Dimension4 mm
Types of FiberG652/G657

Features of 2 Ports Fiber Optic Outlet

  • Small size, lightweight, use conveniently

  • ABS material, fireproof and dust-proof

  • Radians appearance makes it slinky

  • Suitable for various modules and multimedia interfaces

  • Embedded chart and logo position makes it easy to identity

  • Support MM or SM fiber connection

  • 2 ports for SC simplex, LC duplex adapters

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