WELINK 1U Fiber Optical Rotary Patch Panel

1U FIBER OPTICAL ROTARY PATCH PANELs are tailor-made for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks, with a specific focus on street cabinets that necessitate complete front access. This 1U panel has ample space to house 48 SC/APC adapters and comes pre-loaded with G657A2 bend-insensitive pigtails, as well as splicing trays and rooting, for a comprehensive installation solution.

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Specification of 1U Fiber Optical Rotary Patch Panel

Adapter48sc or 96lc adapters
Suit for19inch rack

Features of 1U Fiber Optical Rotary Patch Panel

  • Can accommodate up to 48 SC Simplex footprint adapters

  • Designed to fit both 19'' and ETSI 21'' frames

  • Offers both right and left opening options

  • Comes fully loaded and ready for splicing

  • Ideal for datacenter storage areas, central office POPs, and fiber to the home (FTTH) street cabinets

  • Suitable for use in LAN/WAN applications

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