Introduction to the Basic Knowledge of Fiber Optic Patch Panel

What is a fiber optic patch panel?

Fiber optic patch panel is an important supporting equipment in optical transmission system, which is used for fiber optic fusion, adjustment of optical connectors, storage of excess optical fibers, and protection of optical cables. It plays an important role in the safe operation and flexible application of fiber optic communication network.

Functions of fiber optic patch panel

As a terminal device of fiber optic cable, fiber optic patch panel has the following basic functions:

Fusion function

During the fusion of fiber optic cables, it is necessary to lead out the tail fiber for fusion. The optical fiber disk can wind and arrange the excess tail fibers and protect the fusion joints.

Fixing function

After the fiber optic cable enters the rack, it can be connected and fixed with its outer sheath and strengthening core.

Allocation function

The connectors on the pigtail are plugged into the adapter, and the other end of the adapter is connected to the connector to realize the optical path docking. The adapter and the connector can be flexibly plugged and unplugged for docking and freely configured for testing.

Classification of fiber optic patch panel

Fiber optic patch panel is mainly divided into 12-port, 24-port, 48-port, 72-port, 96-port, and 144-port fiber optic patch panels. 

To sum up, the fiber optic patch panel mainly plays the role of welding, fixing, deployment and other functions in the optical network transmission. The fiber optic patch panel can be divided into 12 ports, 24 ports, 48 ports, 72 ports, 96 ports and other types. In weak current projects, it is necessary to determine the number of cores for optical fiber fusion, and then select a suitable fiber optic patch panel.

Introduction of functions of fiber optic patch panel:

  • Fiber optic patch panel is used to fix fiber optic cables. When the fiber optic cable is inserted into the rack, the fiber optic patch panel should fix its strengthening core and outer sheath, which is a mechanical fixation. This can protect the parts in the ground wire, protect and group the optical fibers, and protect the fiber optic end.

  • Fiber optic patch panel also has fusion function. When the optical fiber in the fiber optic cable is stripped and fused with the pigtail, the excess part of the optical fiber can be wound and stored on the fiber optic patch panel, which can also protect the fusion joint. Fiber optic patch panel also has allocation function. It can connect the connector on the pigtail with an adapter, thus realizing the optical path docking between the connector and the adapter. In this allocation function, the optical path can be flexibly plugged and unplugged for testing.

  • The fiber optic patch panel has a deployment function at the same time. It can connect the connector connected to the tail cable with an adapter, realize the optical path connection between the connector and the adapter at one time, and at the same time flexibly perform unplugging and plugging. The optical path is in this Related tests can also be performed under the deployment function.

  • The storage function of fiber optic patch panel can store interlaced optical connection lines and make disorderly connection lines orderly placed. Fiber optic patch panel usually has reasonable storage space and storage method, which makes fiber optic adjustment more convenient and clear connection routing, and can also meet the requirements of minimum radius.

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